UniCarriers forklift available for rent at Sam’s Mechanical

What To Know Before You Rent a Forklift for a Day

When businesses have to lift or store pallets of materials, there is no question—they need a forklift or lift truck, to do it. Forklifts have become essential tools for many businesses, farmers, and even some individual property owners today. However, buying a forklift is expensive and something that not every business or property owner can…

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Hands performing forklift maintenance

Your Guide to Why Forklift Maintenance is Important

As a one-stop-shop for all things forklift-related, Sam’s Mechanical prides itself in being experts on forklift maintenance. Emergency repairs, parts and services, rentals, and sales—we cover it all. But why is it so important to have a forklift maintenance program in place at your facility? Previously we discussed some of the most common reasons for…

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Man making forklift repairs

3 Most Common Reasons for Forklift Repairs

When it comes to keeping your facility running, your forklifts are likely an essential part of that process. In fact, forklifts may be such an integral part of your daily work routine, that you may not know what to do when something goes wrong with one of them. So what do you do if you…

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Modern Machinery

Predictions for the Manufacturing Industry and Their Impact

As a business owner, it’s essential for you to keep up with the current news and trends that may affect your business. No matter what industry you’re in, changes in the marketplace can significantly impact your profit, and that is especially true in the manufacturing industries. If your workflow processes are not running smoothly or…

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Sam's mechanical pallet racks

7 Tips for Pallet Racking & Warehouse Organization

As a warehouse manager or business owner, you’re always looking for ways to make your business run more efficiently. What you may not know is that keeping your warehouse organized with pallet racking can actually make your business more profitable in the long run. So how do you organize a warehouse efficiently? Layout, proper pallet…

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Buying vs. Renting a Forklift

Is Purchasing a Forklift Right For Your Business? As a business owner, it’s always important to know how to manage your finances and assets. Knowing when to invest your money into a piece of expensive equipment—like a forklift—can be stressful, especially if it’s not possible with your current budget. Instead, you look into a forklift…

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forklift in warehouse

11 Different Forklift Attachments & Accessories

A forklift is a very versatile machine that can be used for various tasks and purposes within the workplace. Without forklifts, it would be nearly impossible to move certain loads and objects. While forks are the most obvious and popular attachment for forklifts, there are many more attachments and accessories available that may be better…

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men in forklift

How to Get Your Forklift Certification/Forklift License

And Everything Else to Know About Becoming a Forklift Operator With the extreme growth of online retail in recent years, there are more distribution center and shipping depot operations in existence than ever before, especially here in our favorably located home region of Central Pennsylvania. This is great news for individuals with forklift operation experience…

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