High-Quality New and Used Forklifts For Sale In Lancaster, PA

Having the right forklift, tow motor, or pallet jack can mean the difference between getting the job done right or falling behind.

That’s why we make it our mission to ensure you have the right equipment for your needs at Sam’s Mechanical Service LLC.

We carry a variety of new and used forklifts for sale near Lancaster, PA, and are ready to help equip your warehouse or job site. Get started today by browsing our current forklifts for sale or calling us.

Popular Forklift Styles We Offer

Pneumatic Tire Forklifts

Pneumatic tire forklifts are great for outdoor environments when you need a larger air-filled or fully rubber tire. They grip well on uneven or rough terrain, making them suitable for lumber yards or construction sites.

Side Loaders

Do you have longer items to transport or a tight space you need to move in? Side loaders can accommodate those longer items and tighter spaces. The steel and timber industries often use side loaders to move long material beams.

Cushion Tire Forklifts

If you are looking for a more cost-effective forklift that is easier to maintain, a cushion tire forklift might be the right option for you. The smoother tires, however, make it more challenging to use in outdoor or unstable terrain.

Electric Forklifts

For a greener option compared to combustion engines, a battery-powered electric forklift can save you money on maintenance and repair. Without as many moving parts, an electric forklift may be a longer-lasting option.

Looking For A Specific Forklift Or Want Help Finding the Right One?

Our sales team is standing by to help you find the perfect forklift for your warehouse, business, or situation. We know forklifts aren’t a “one size fits all,” and that’s why we’ll find the perfect solution for what you need!

Or, if you need a short-term rental, service, parts, or other help - we can help you with that too!

Featured Forklifts For Sale

left side

2024 UniCarriers AF50LP 5000 lb Capacity Forklift

left side

2024 UniCarriers AF50LP 5000 lb Capacity Forklift

AF50LP AP1F2-9U31942 Right

2023 UniCarriers AF50LP 5000 lb Capacity Forklift

left side

2024 UniCarriers AF50LP 5000 lb Capacity Forklift

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Why Work With Sam’s Mechanical?

Since our start in 1996, our goal has been to provide the best quality forklift service with a fair price.

Work with us and enjoy…

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You can’t beat our selection of new forklifts for sale! You’ll find forklift models with advanced safety and rider comfort features like full-suspension seats, low vibration, high carriage visibility, and superior maneuverability in confined spaces. Check out our featured forklifts for sale while working with a local team you can trust!

No two job sites or warehouses are alike. What your neighboring facility needs isn’t always going to work for you. That’s why you should always consult with our experts to ensure you’re getting the right type of forklift for your site. We can help you select the right tires, engine, and capabilities for your specific situation.