When your forklifts break down, you don’t have the time to wait for weeks for a quality mechanic to fix the problem. You deserve quick forklift services completed at fair prices by material-handling experts who know what they are doing. Turn to Sam’s Mechanical Service to keep your forklifts, lift trucks, tow motors, and more running smoothly, so your business can stay productive and remain operational.

Never Be Stuck Without the Right Equipment Again

Forklifts and other material handling equipment aren’t made to last forever. A forklift’s average lifespan is about 10,000 hours, or about 4-5 years if operating at 40 hours per week. At that point, it may break down more frequently, use more energy than a newer forklift, and cause other issues that affect your productivity.

When you need a new or used forklift to replace an aged one, Sam’s Mechanical has you covered! With options to buy or rent, you’ll never be without the material handling equipment and forklift services your business needs.