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Telehandler Forklift Rentals

A telehandler is a special type of front-end load tractor with high weight and high lift capabilities. They make a significant difference in agricultural applications like loading a high-clearance truck. This action requires more reach on the load boom in order to deposit materials or goods on the truck bed. Telehandler rental is a cost-effective way to obtain extra capacity you need for an agricultural business by improving productivity and decreasing work time.

The telehandler forklift facilitates the transfer of industrial or commercial pallet loads. It offers different balance capabilities than standard front-end load machines. You’ll appreciate the powerful hydraulic enhancement of the lift range as well as the ability to transfer heavyweight materials. Sam’s Mechanical Service in Lancaster County, PA offers a wide range of telehandler forklift rentals.

Telehandler Rental

Rental equipment can increase reach needed on the job site. It’s perfect for short-term needs, such as a special one off project or temporary replacement of a regular unit in for repairs. Get the job done the right way with a quality machine that’s easy to operate. Telehandler rental is an effective and efficient way to get the capital equipment needed by the business for a fraction of its cost.

Rental Benefits

Renting a telehandler from Sam’s Mechanical Service is the smart way to handle the job. A high capacity, rough terrain unit with the right accessories will cover any need you have. Terrain inconsistencies and work site congestion can be problematic. Sam’s machinery can help you to reduce the total number of machines at work while increasing productivity. Material handling machinery is available for all applications. A large rental fleet helps to meet your specific needs for agriculture or construction jobs.

Our units are fully serviced and ready-to-use. Workers won’t need to perform exhaustive daily checks. Properly maintained and serviced machinery is ready for your most difficult, demanding job. Ask about tooling options. You can also rent any necessary attachments for a small fee.

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