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Rent Scissor Lifts in PA

Sam’s Mechanical Service can meet your needs when you require a dependable Scissor Lift. Whether you want to rent this item on a long term monthly or weekly basis, or use it for a shorter period of time, we can assist you.

Today Scissor Lifts come in two main varieties: electric and engine-powered. The job requirements will generally determine which type of Scissor Lift you should select. Widely used by freight haulers, airlines, construction firms, large retail outlets, roofers and tree care professionals, a reliable Scissor Lift helps your company accomplish a wide variety of heavy duty work.

You’ll appreciate the high quality, well maintained forklift rentals that we supply. When you seek Scissor Lifts in Lancaster County, PA, think of Sam’s Mechanical Service.

Electric Scissor Lifts

Our Electric Scissor Lift rentals offer a secure platform for transporting heavy loads to elevated locations. When you require a mobile platform offering both work space and lifting capacity, a dependable Electric Scissor Lift offers a great solution. Use it to move heavy inventory to overhead storage locations, or place your tools on this convenient platform to reach an indoor job site. Our Electric Scissor Lifts will offer the interior aerial support you need!

Engine-Powered Scissor Lifts

Sam’s Mechanical Service also supplies sturdy mobile Engine-Powered Scissor Lifts for rent. Most people use this equipment outdoors on level, stable surfaces. You can depend on one of these specialized mobile platforms to enable you to complete work at elevations. This is especially true when you don’t require a crane, but you do need a work platform. Use an Engine-Powered Scissor Lift to replace an outdoor sign, or place your tools and supplies on the Engine-Powered Scissor Lift when you need to reach a rooftop job site. You can also trim tall tree branches more effectively using this type of Scissor Lift.

Count on Sam’s Mechanical Service

We will help you match the equipment in our inventory to your job specifications. There are many different sizes and type of Scissor Lifts available on the market, and we value the satisfaction of our rental customers. Contact us today!